We encourage each person attending Highview Bible Church to pray, in order to praise and adore our Mighty God, to confess sins and pray for one another, to give God thanks for all that flows from His steadfast love for us in Christ, and to bring our needs before Him. In prayer we want to nurture a spirit of dependence upon our Father, not to overcome His reluctance, but to access His willingness, trusting the Spirit to help us pray, and looking to Jesus Christ as our Advocate to present our prayers.

Places to pray:
Individually and as families—include HBC in your prayers of thanksgiving and supplication

Growth Groups—Prayer is a vital part of our Growth Groups. Find a Growth Group to join for Bible Study, fellowship, and prayer.

Corporate prayer groups—we have several opportunities for you to join others in praying together.

Prayer Request Form

One of the joys of shepherding the flock is to pray for the needs and praises of the congregation. How can we be praying for you?
The following requests or praises will only be viewed by Highview leadership team